My Top 10 Favourite Surfing Instagram Accounts

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We all have our own reasons for using social media, whether it be to check up on friends, keep up to date with current affairs or if you’re like me you use social media as an escape.  Run away from reality. Instagram has become a fundamental part of our everyday lives. Whenever I find myself feeling flustered at work, irritated with my dog or bored as hell. I tend to sway towards that little app icon that looks like an old school polaroid camera that someone would use in mid 70’s. 

Having a frothing grom mentality, I follow a circus of surfers and their incredible lives, from current world champs to drop dead gorgeous bikini babes. These people are my escape, how I break free from confinement and into a world I can only dream of!

These are my top 10 Instagram accounts I suggest you follow.

Starting from the bottom…

Number 10: Steph Gilmore 445K Followers

This beauty has won more female world titles than anyone else.  Stephanie Gilmore, 27, was born and raised in northern New South Wales, Australia. Stephanie has dominated women’s professional surfing since she entered the scene in 2007 – winning her first world title as a rookie, followed by three consecutive world titles – an accomplishment no other surfer has achieved in the history of men’s or women’s surfing. Having 24 Elite World Tour victories to her name, it’s no wonder she has almost half a million followers.


Number 9: Clark Little 1.8M Followers

Clark Little has always been a personal hero of mine. If you’re unsure as to who he is. Google the man! He is arguably the best ocean photographer in the world. Famous for snapping photos in life threatening shore breaks in Hawaii. Brother to the late Brock Little, who was one of the best big wave surfers in the world. It’s clear that the “waterman” genetics runs strong in the family. Clarks Instagram account is where I go and get lost in the incredible world of wave photography. If you can appreciate photography at it’s finest, then give this guy a follow! With 1.8M followers he is sure not to disappoint.


Number 8: World sleep league 52.2K Followers

World Sleep League is one of the funniest accounts for any surfer to follow. It’s an account mocking the World Surf League and the surfers that compete in it. It’s basically some naughty competitor who roams around the WSL events, taking photos of any poor victim that has snuck off to catch some shut eye! To catch a shot of your favorite WSL surfer fast asleep you MUST follow this account.


Number 7: Jordy Smith 410K Followers

In my younger days, I was fortunate enough to go to school with Jordy. Compete against him at a pro junior level and get my ass whipped every time I put on a singlet! He is… undoubtably the best surfer to ever come out of South Africa. With a model wife, pimp Range Rovers cars and incredible mansions on some of the most expensive real-estate in the country and not to forget finishing second on the world tour in 2016. He is definitely in my top 10 accounts to drool over!


Number 6: Sterling Spencer 67.4K Followers 

Mr Sterling Spencer, the funny man in surfing. “ Sterling Spencer’s strange sense of humor has likely saved his life” – Surfer Magazine.

And a stranger sense of humor he has indeed! Sterling resides in the Gulf Coast town of Pensacola, Florida.  Over the last few years, in the wake of losing his father and one of his best friends, Sterling has fought hard battles with depression and anxiety. But the more serious life got, the more he relied on his absurdist sense of humor to continue surfing and filmmaking. I like to think of his account as a bit of a motivational one. Despite the depression and anxiety, the guy produces some incredible surf edits and humorous Instagram pics.


Number 5: World Surf Lols 274K Followers

This account has got to be the funniest “surf” instagram in social media. Like the World Sleep League, this account pokes fun at current affairs on the WSL. With some incredible Photoshop skills and witty comments, this account will have you in stitches!


Number 4: Alana Blanchard 1.8M Followers

It’s really not hard to explain why you should follow Alan on Instagram…. She is stunning! Professional Surfer and Rip Curl bikini model, this lady is stunning! Yip… I said it twice! Because that’s how beautiful she is. If you’re Male or Female Alana may steal your heart! 😉


Number 3: Dane Reynolds ( Sealtooth) 209K Followers

The honest truth is, Dane could be the best surfer on the planet… If he gave a sh%t! 

In my opinion he has a sort of rock star attitude about his surfing. Doing some of the craziest maneuvers ever performed on a surfboard. Maneuvers that could win him a world title… But that don’t bother him none. Reynolds believes there’s no point trying to cram the artistry of surfing into the rigid confines of competition. With an attitude of… who cares if you like me or not. You can’t hate this guy if you tried!


Number 2: Kelly Slater 1.9M Followers

The King! Surfing Icon Kelly Slater… I feel he needs no introduction. If you surf, want to learn to surf, have seen surfing before or breath oxygen on planet earth you should know of Kelly Slater and his contribution to the sport of surfing.  He has recently started a sustainable clothing brand called Outerknown (They have a pretty cool instagram account too).


Number 1: John John Florence 916K Followers

With 647 posts, 916K Followers, 625 following and 1 WSL world title under his name, and some of the most futuristic surfing ever seen by man. I cannot help but have John as my number 1 surfer Instagram account to follow. At the age of 24 John has stolen the hearts of many with his kind hearted/Mr nice guy attitude and a net worth of about 16 million dollars. John’s account will make you love and hate him all at the same time.