Addicted To PowderThe Tale Of A Backcountry Snow Junkie

Andrew Manuel

10 months ago in News

In school we were all warned about addictions and how they can consume people. Say no to drugs, drink responsibly and don’t start smoking. My teachers failed to warn me about one of the most addictive substances out there and now my entire life has been warped by it. I travel huge distances around the globe and in foolish winter conditions to get my fix, spending an insane amount of time and money for a few short minutes of bliss. My name is Andy and I have a serious addiction to powder.

Thankfully the kind I’m talking about comes from the sky and not the depth of the Colombian jungle and even luckier still I’m fortunate enough to be part of the Ticket to Ride cartel who are big pushers of the goods. Rather than smuggling pow to various parts of the world we bring people direct to the source of some of the best snow in the world, in particular in Alberta and British Columbia on Canada’s west coast. The magic mix of weather and seemingly unlimited terrain makes western Canada one of, if not the best backcountry destinations in the world and this is my guide to making sure you get you fix of the white gold this winter.

The best way to ensure you get your powder fix is to move to the mountains and do a winter season, it’s kind of like the gateway to your addiction. You have access to lifts, resorts and a steady supply of storms bringing you the goods. But what happens when your addiction starts to take over, you’re getting sick of the crowds in bounds or there have not been any fresh lines in a few days and you have an itch that needs scratching? When things start to escalate like this you are going to need to start venturing into the backcountry. A few years back I started down the pathway to becoming a backcountry snowboard guide which is ensuring our Ticket to Ride powder operations in Banff are better geared towards helping our riders get their fix of fresh turns, whether they join us for one week or even better, the whole winter.

With Canada hosting the world’s most accessible and best backcountry riding it’s a no coincidence that so many people make the global pilgrimage to Canada to get their powder fix.

Ticket to Ride has options to get into the backcountry using any method you choose but be careful if you decide to join us, it’s going to be the start of a very serious addiction.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, check out our epic ski and snowboard adventures to Banff, Meribel and Japan this winter. Satisfy your need for powder, or discover a new way of riding if you are yet to feel that sweet sweet powdery goodness under your feet.