South African Road Trip | Week 6A week in pictures from our current 6 week road trip up South Africa's east coast

Luke Geldenhuys

10 months ago in South Africa

We reached the final week of 6 week adventure of cruising South Africa’s coast. The city of Durban was our final host and it did so spectacularly; Durban doesn’t have winter, rather a tamer version of summer, and so it was a tropical send off.

We were very fortunate to get the waves that we did whilst there and we spent most of our time in the water down on South Beach enjoying the warmer water of the Indian Ocean.

The Kwazulu-Natal region is also the closest we get to the thickest of African bush and we went on a game drive to try and see some of the continents most iconic fauna.

Our time came to a close and as sad as it is to say goodbye we can all reflect on the incredible time we had together with a sense of nostalgia; made easier by this really cool video trip leader Gwil Thomas put together with some stunning visuals.


Cheers everybody, thanks for following.

We’re back underway in South Africa as soon as the 11th of September with a 10 weeks Surf Instructor course.