Ticket to Ride Surfing Coffee BayA few of my favourite Surfing shots from our 11 Day stay in the Transkei

Luke Geldenhuys

10 months ago in Surf

The Wild Coast of South Africa is exactly that, Wild. So heading into the depths of the Transkei we didn’t know what to expect in terms of surfing Coffee Bay. On this occasion we got some of the most fun and consistent waves Ticket to Ride have ever had there. The beauty of the region combined with non stop surf made our stay an unforgettable one. Here are some of my favourite shots from our 11 days there.


Imagine surfing great waves under this back drop? Incredible!


walking up the point with the local village in coffee bay

Trip Leaders Sam and Allanah walking up the point with the local village in the hills behind.

surfing coffee bay waves

Lesson time, walking out to centre stage, Coffee Bay.

Coffee Bay Waves Breaking

Does it get any better?

Surfing Coffee Bay Lefts

Jorge loved having lefts on tap

Doing an air in Coffee Bay

Whats a surfing photo gallery without a Jarred Veldhuis air reverse?

surfing coffee bay

Dan Wilson drops the hammer.

Fun waves in Coffee Bay

Maurits got a few backhand whips in.

Learning to surf in coffee bay

Ciaran set his rail from day 1 in Coffee Bay.

surfing coffee bay

Freddie bottom turning into this little nugget.

surfing coffee bay

Antonia from Chile working on her cutback.

surfing coffee bay

Chris Bond joined us for a couple of Days, here he’s enjoying a party wave with Dan.

Girl Power! Surfing coffee bay

Backhand power from Coach Alannah.

Chris Bond surfing coffee bay

Bond. Chris Bond.

Man surfing waves in Coffee bay

Even I managed to get my share (more than).

Maurits going right consistently despite the significantly tougher paddle back.

Nic grabs a back hand double up

Dan with an afternoon wrap in the fading light.

Jarred obliges.

High and dry for Dan.

Afternoon fun in the sun.

Henry late dropping into bombs, pushing his surfing everyday.

Laura gets a runner at the point.

10 yr old local Josh Malherbe showing us how it’s done at his home break.

The local crowd goes wild.

Stay tuned for more epic photos of the trip!