My Top Three Surfing Holiday DestinationsHere's Jeffa's guide to three surfing holiday destinations you should consider booking this year.

Jeffa Snell

2 years ago in Costa Rica

Decisions decisions. There’s definitely something to be said in living by your own experiences and not someone else’s. There’s an opportunity for you to learn at every moment. You can make sense of yourself and the world around you.

I have recently accepted something about myself due to all of my life experiences. I am terrible at making decisions and sticking to one thing. It takes me at least 10 minutes to weigh up everything on a restaurant menu before changing my mind at least 5 times.  However, I am certain of two things. One is that taking a holiday to a resort complex, populated with high-rise hotels confined to a poolside could be one of the worst decisions I could ever make. Secondly, I know surfing will stick with me for good.

So how did I come to this conclusion? It all started with a surfing holiday to Costa Rica.

Why should you consider a surfing holiday?

I see holidays as a break from the mundane workings of the 9-5 life but also a chance to reincarnate yourself by throwing yourself into something different. Whether you’re surfing for the first time of experiencing a new culture.

A chick enjoying an afternoon relaxing in a hammock after a surf

The Hammock life is a good life

I was definitely transformed by a surfing holiday, I took 2 weeks off to hit up Costa Rica, resulting in me quitting my office job two months after I returned. However, I understand that when a lot of people decide to take a few weeks off, being horizontal in a hammock for a week is ideal. But, you can still do that on a surfing holiday, soaking up the sun with a beer in hand. But, it feels a lot more satisfying having had a few hours surfing. That is guaranteed.

Since Costa Rica, I’ve managed to take a few more breaks aways and head abroad to hit up the surf. So if you’re considering a surfing holiday abroad, here are my top 3 destinations

1 | Santa Teresa | Costa Rica

As already mentioned Costa Rica is a true paradise. It’s vast tropical landscapes and the symbiotic relationship the Costa Ricans cultivate with the environment make it so. Furthermore, The country doesn’t have an army and it’s renowned globally for leading the charge towards green energy. Holidaymakers are really influenced by their conscientiousness. You will definitely think differently about your lifestyle after a 2-4 week trip here.

Trip Leader Max H-P on a perfect wave on Playa Santa Teresa

Max H-P on an absolute BOMB

The beach breaks of Santa Teresa cater for all abilities of surfer so if you’re considering a surfing holiday, you’ll find a wave for everyone. Your day will start waking up to the howler monkeys pattering on the roof, followed by a dawnie surf or sunrise yoga in the treehouse. Following that is the best breakfast burrito you’ve ever tasted at Don Jon’s restaurant. No word of a lie. Don Jon’s is the place we stay on our 2-4 week surfing trip. 100 metres from the surf! The afternoon is a chance for you to chill in a hammock with a coconut water or surf again if you’re amped!

The sunlight hitting the rainforest canopy creating a magnificent spectacle

There’s nothing quite as enchanting as the Costa Rican jungle

There’s so much to explore in the local area if you need a break from surfing. There are fishing trips where you can take home your own catch, jungle canopy tours, waterfall hikes and vast expanses of beautiful national parks.

2 | Midigama | Sri Lanka

An average surfing holiday to Sri Lanka consists of surfing perfect waves every day. The surf routine is balanced with yoga to keep you well stretched from surfing. What makes it one of the best surfing holiday locations is the sheer variety of breaks in one stretch of coastline. Rams, Lazy Lefts, Kabalana and Doorsteps are a few of the top spots.

Surfers ready in a tuk tuk, surfboards strapped to the roof, anticipating the afternoon surf

Tuk Tuks are the surf wagons of Sri Lanka

You have the opportunity on days off from surfing to explore Sri Lanka’s heritage sites. Adams Peak, the fort at Galle or a tea plantation tour are probably some of the best of Sri Lankas non-surf experiences. There’s truly something for everyone in Sri Lanka and I reckon it’s got one of the best learning beaches in the world; Weligama Bay.

The Sri Lankans are the most resilient bunch of people I have ever met. Their smiles and warm hearts are contagious. It’s hard to imagine that this country suffered a brutal civil war and a devastating Tsunami in the last two decades. I believe you’ll leave Sri Lanka feeling warm-hearted and lucky to have shared the culture and waves with the locals.

Local legend Podi and Surfer Jake fist bump during a game of Carrom

Afternoons are spent playing Carrom

3 | Canggu | Indonesia

Indonesia is more energetic than the latter picks with its’ vibrant urban hubs of Kuta and Seminyak. Canggu, 45minutes drive out of Kuta, is the ideal spot for an Indo-style surfing holiday. Its waves vary from the mellow left-handers of old man’s to the punchy breaks of echo beach right next door.

Indonesia is renowned for its world class waves, it goes without saying. So you are guaranteed some incredible surf whilst out there. Canggu is a prime location for you to base yourself to explore Bali’s other surf spots. Uluwatu and Kuta reef is highly recommended.

Chris making a perfect turn on a perfect indo wave

Trip Leader Chris Bond leading the charge

The beach bar culture makes it the ideal spot to enjoy a Bintang on a bean bag watching the sun go down. The vast array of eateries in the area is phenomenal. You’ll find your fix of ‘local’ food such a Nasi Goreng and BBQ’d fish right on the beach front. If you wonder through the rice paddy’s you’ll get the best breakfast and lunch spots such as The Shady Shack and then hit up Deus for dinner. Furthermore, eating out is incredibly affordable with prices from £2 onwards for a meal.

The crew on the latest TTR Indo trip watch the peeling waves of Padang Padang from the cliff tops

An average Indo surf check

The area is home to some incredible temples. The Monkey Temple just a short drive way from Canggu sits on the cliffs overlooking Padang Padang. Just be careful they don’t steal your cap!

TTR Snowboarding legend Andrew takes a break from the snow to enjoy a surf holiday and gets hit hat stolen by a monkey

Join us on a Surfing Holiday!

You break away from work should be a time to explore something new. So I really encourage you not to go for the culturally cleansed poolside holiday and to jump into the water and get surfing. Surfing has this magical way of connecting people. After a trip away surfing, you’ll be left with warm memories of the places you’ve been, the surf adventures you’ve sought and the people you’ve connected with along the way.

So to round it off. In the words of my good friend Chad “Life’s an adventure, it’s not a package tour”

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