The Finest Tropical Surf Travel Adventure


Incredible surf for all levels and beautiful surroundings make Indonesia the World's number 1 surf adventure destination.

With surfers first finding the perfect surf peeling its way down the Bukit Peninsula in the 70’s, it didn’t take long for the secret to spread and surfers from all over the World soon started to make the pilgrimage to find this magical place. 

Over forty years later it is still home to the best waves on The Planet. With more than 13,000 islands, home to countless waves, things can get really exciting. From the endless barrels of Desert Point to the perfection of the Mentawai Islands and who knows what in between; Indonesia is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 


Are you prepared to take your surfing to the next level?

The most amazing thing about surfing in Indonesia is how perfect the waves are, which means you really get to try the same thing over and over again until you get it right. Also being dropped off on a boat means the paddle out is easy and you get to catch more waves using less effort in a shorter space of time. It really is a surfing paradise.

We surf every type of wave imagineable, usually in their most perfect form, regardless if it is reef, beach break, rock or point break. 

In Bali we surf a mix of beach breaks, deep reef breaks, wedges and shallower reef breaks (for those who are ready). This gives a great opportunity to gain experience and to feed off the knowledge of your instructors who will guide you through every step of the way. 

In Lombok and Nusa Lembongan we progress riders onto reef breaks. Some are easy and soft whilst others are shallower and sharper, and once again you will only surf the spots that are most appropriate for you and move up to the more challenging spots when you are ready for it.

Trip Stops & Accommodation


The epicentre of Indonesia’s surf scene and where you'll find the legendary surf spots of Uluwatu and Padang, as well as the quieter, leg-achingly long left handers at Balian and Medewi where 500m rides are common. You will not want to leave, your body may need to...

Where we stay We start by basing ourselves in charming and increasingly quirky Canggu on the west coast. It's an easy five minute walk from the beach and you'll enjoy shared en-suite rooms exclusive to Ticket to Ride groups. Rooms have air conditioning, a surf look out spot, swimming pool, yoga deck, good security, drinks fridge and a roof terrace breakfast restaurant. For the road trip, we will stay in similar style accommodation in Kuta, Balian and Medewi.


After our time on Bali we fly over to the quieter and more remote island of Lombok and head to the small fishing village of Gerupuk that we call home for a week. Everything changes here as cars are no longer needed and our only mode of transport is either our feet or the boats to get out to the various reef breaks. Life in Lombok is simple and peaceful, and the surf is plentiful. 

Where we stay We're based right on the beach and you'll have the daily pleasure of literally walking out of your door and onto the boat with your surfboard. The rooms are shared en-suite rooms with sea view balconies, air conditioning, a TV and a fridge.

Nusa Lembongan 

From Lombok we take a ferry over to Nusa Lembongan to experience a different type of island living. From Lembongan, you get a clear view of Bali and its volcanoes but you are far enough away to get the best of both Worlds. When it comes to the surf, it is back onto a boat to head out to whichever of the numerous spots suits us best on the day. With amazing sunsets over Bali each evening and a crystal clear lagoon to swim in, as well as an infinity pool, Nusa Lembongan can only be described as Paradise. 

Where we stay Right on the tropical water's edge, so you can just walk out the front door onto the beach and into the boat for your unforgettable surf adventure. The rooms are shared en-suite twin rooms with air-conditioning and a TV. There is also a restaurant, infinity pool and a bar.


If you are joining us for the road trip, we will cruise from Kuta to Canggu to Balian, ending up in Medewi; home to the longest wave in Indonesia. 500m rides here are common. You will not want to leave, your body may need to...

The waves may break over reef, but this means long, green faces and we know when the water is deep enough and the waves less powerful to give any beginners the ride of their life. 

Where we stay If we stop in Balian we will stay in a private Villa, a stones throw away from the beach. In Medewi we takeover a three storey house, where you can check the waves from the balcony! The rooms are shared en-suite with air-conditioning.

Other Activities

There's more to our Indonesian adventure than simply surfing incredible waves. We will take the adrenalin junkies white-water rafting, the trekkers up a volcano for sunrise, the culture vultures to the monkey temple and the party animals to the famous 'Poppies Street' in Kuta for some after hours action...

Trips to Indonesia

4 Week Indonesia Surf Adventure 4 weeks Indonesia Self Catered

2nd May 2020 - 30th May 2020 £2,295

11th July 2020 - 8th August 2020 £2,295

Are you prepared to take your surfing to the next level?

Island Hopping in Indonesia | All abilities2 weeks Indonesia Self Catered

22nd June 2020 - 6th July 2020 £1,295

Score word class, perfect waves every day. Ideal for both beginner and experienced surfers.

Bali Road Trip 2 weeks Indonesia Self Catered

30th May 2020 - 13th June 2020 £1,295

8th August 2020 - 22nd August 2020 £1,295

Get out of the tourist trap and score the longest waves of your life!

Ultimate Indonesia Surf Adventure 6 weeks Indonesia Self Catered

2nd May 2020 - 13th June 2020 £3,295

11th July 2020 - 22nd August 2020 £3,295

Enjoy the full Indonesian experience with no hassle and a touch of class...

Banyak Islands Boat Trip12 days Indonesia Catered

15th June 2020 - 27th June 2020 £1,795

24th August 2020 - 5th September 2020 £1,795

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